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This Site does “not” sell houses


Talk through the "Diagnostic immobilier"

The sole aim is to help you make the right decision

It is not my aim to deter any would be buyer, from making a purchase. I wish only to assist House Hunters in deciding as to whether the general condition of the property, is within both their physical and financial expectations. Any problem areas concerning the property, that might have escaped their notice, not excluding location or local market value, I look to pick up on and would offer my experienced opinion.


I am totally Independent of all Estate Agents – French or English

"Imagine this"

You’ve a Builder friend - With long experience Renovating in France (Even before Internet).

Who new the region that interested you - Who also had some Property Sales background

Who you would expect, to be in a good position, to  offer an unbiased opinion


Icing on the cake, your friend also Spoke French

(Could be useful)


Surely, you'd want him alongside you

To view your after all, future home !

Offer an opinion on the "Diagnostic"

Would  his input not be valuable ?


Before jumping in


If you're in unknown territory - "Peut-être" a second opinion could be useful

Even to simply bounce the ball off the wall

For many a year, I've been the guy people call up "after" jumping in

And all too often, I find myself being the bearer of bad news

In the end - A "doer-upper" is one thing

But sometimes, what I see - "Je désespère".

All that's important, is that you have a realistiic idea, just what you're buying

Even whereabouts you're buying and a sense of true local property prices

Most property in back of beyond France, appears cheap against the UK Market


Always remember - Local demand "or lack of", determines the "True French Buyers market value"

Don't let your chosen area become the Cornwall or Wales of France.

So, to share some observations, after 30 or so years in France...


"There's absolutely no need for panic buying"

 A line of "French" Prospective Buyers for property far from major towns is more than rare ! 

There are bags of available old properties in isolated locations

 Renovating rural stone property is far more expensive than a town house

And please - Take your "Back home" head off

Above all (to repeat) - Don't compare with the UK


Therefore, about what I can offer

As I’m winding down in my role in property renovation


No longer seriously looking, for future renovation projects

(I can of course help out a little with basic essentials, if you're in stuck)

I can be your impartial eyes, ears and helping hand in France

Check me out on my 23 year old Website


Accompanied viewing or ...I can view for you,
talk with the Agents, or when appropriate the owners,

 make calls, generally check things out at your request.
(Not neccesarily   after purchase   hand holding services, we're about helping you in your decision to buy)
Reasonable Fees applied
Available - Mon    to Friday     9.00  till 5.00      /    Visits - Mon to Thursday       9.00 till 5.00
Siret - 428 915 409 00018
Dave Lindsay - 06 16 35 58 59
E Mail -

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Houses For Sale in France
Dream home - Or - Future Nightmare

(No rose tinted glasses - Just a clear eyed Builders view - Please Note "not" Estate Agent)

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